Students as change agents for local community action

Students as change agents for local community action

Sarah BriggsThe Pottery Room

This session will explore the potential for higher education institutions to contribute to local environmental and social change through their student communities. Many students spend up to 3 years living in the communities surrounding their university, highlighting considerable potential to engage and involve students as change agents through partnerships between universities, students' unions and community groups.

Students' unions also include volunteering departments, providing social and environmental benefit and the potential to forge stronger relationships between students and the communities they live and study in.

Student voices will be represented through input from Keele students who have been involved in activities including climate marches, organising and delivering conferences focusing on environmental and social issues, collaboration for sustainability, and climate change, and involvement with environmental education programmes, to unpick opportunities to engage students, share their diverse knowledge, cultural experiences and passion, and ensure youth voices are included to drive sustainable change.

The session will be co-led by Keele's Sustainability Project Officer and Keele Students' Union's Activities and Communities Sabbatical Officer.

Sarah Briggs of Keele University
Wed 12:00 am - 12:00 am