Viable Economy on a Regional Scale

Steady State Manchester set out 7 years ago to explore and promote possibilities and approaches to switching the Greater Manchester economy from one based on endless material growth to one that stayed within safe ecological limits while meeting the needs of the population. We came to call this The Viable Economy, although our concerns are not merely economic. With its focus on the regional level, our work occupies a space between the practical projects typical of permaculture and transition towns and the more abstract policy and research-orientated approach of those working on alternative economics and social policy. Our work embraces action, discussion, research and publishing, often in collaboration with other groups and organisations. In this session we will outline our approach as well as its achievements and the difficulties and challenges. We anticipate this will be relevant to those trying to scale up practical work or to focus policy proposals on concrete political and institutional contexts. We are also keen to learn from participants, both from their own experience in related projects and from their reactions to what we present. The session will consist of a short talk followed by facilitated discussion.

Alternative Local Food Systems: Growing and Diversifying Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a partnership between farmers and consumers in which the responsibilities, risks and rewards of farming are shared. CSAs are an alternative model for local food systems and provide social and environmental benefits in addition to healthy, sustainably-produced food.

This session will ask how we can grow the CSA movement, especially through helping existing CSAs to reach a wider section of their local community and encouraging a diverse mix of communities to start their own CSA.

Presented by CSA Network UK

Citizen-Led Economic Transition

We’ll cover the framework that emerged from our work in Totnes and other places – creating the conditions for new economic actors, relationships and models to emerge and thrive. 1. catalysing ‘transition-oriented’ economic and entrepreneurial culture; 2. mobilising place-based social and financial capital; 3. building out ‘enterprising ecosystem’; 4. weaving ‘convergence networks’ We’ll also talk about Local Entrepreneur Forum model and how it can provide foundation for solidarity economic development.

Presented by REconomy Totnes

Systems Shift: Citizens Action Networks

In order to meet the climate emergency, several forms of stepping up have to occur at the same time. How do we bring together the demands for climate justice into contact with the many solutions already available? In ways that genuinely include the citizens, beyond the cultural / political divides?

Welcome to Citizen Action Networks (CAN).

Human and Nature’s Wellbeing

How can the human health crisis (mental health, physical inactivity and social isolation) be linked with the environmental crisis (climate change and wildlife loss) to find a solution to both? How might we do this at a local level in Stoke, to then create a replicable model that works for any UK city?

Presented by Human Nature Escapes CIC