Permaculture – Systems Thinking for Connected Action

An overview of the permaculture design approach. A brief overview of background, range of activity and global spread will be followed by an introduction to the principles and design approaches that are used to create bespoke, place-based, citizen-led people and planet friendly solutions. The session will include signposting to key literature, training and networks in the UK.

Presented by The Permaculture Association

Developing a regenerative business hub and practitioners forum

Business is a primary door to major change on a societal and planetary scale” and a number of frameworks exist that can be drawn upon to help us move towards more regenerative enterprise and business practice. But how can we better facilitate regenerative business practice in the UK?

This session will explore answers to this question and will hope to identify key next steps for living these answers and exploring this question further.

Presented by Ethical Consumer Research Association

Promoting Urban Agriculture

We’ve been exploring opportunities and barriers to developing larger scale Urban Agriculture in the UK since 2017. We are currently waiting for the outcome of a further bid to fund this project for the next few years.

We propose running a pilot urban agriculture session proposal to test out an approach that could potentially be used anywhere. We are explicitly including urban, peri-urban and links to rural areas, as well as city-region models.

Presented by Green Future

Connecting Across Difference

Can we walk towards fundamental differences, and find our answers with those we see as the problem both within our organisations and communities and in our change work?

Join us for an introduction to processes, skills and a consciousness that support collaboration and change making – without reproducing divisions of the past. We will look at:

How we hold power and the impact it has on us personally and systemically engaging with conflict as a driver for change

Get beyond competing ideologies to blame free change making
Interdependence and what it means to organise around all needs to mattering

Presented by Open Edge