CTRLshift Ecosystem Mapping Project

Can movements be truly self-organising and self-aligning, developing like an ecosystem? We think so. And to help create the conditions, having knowledge of ourselves and the connectivity through which to communicate seems essential.  Our approach is to map ourselves – our organisations its relationships in the ‘changemaking landscape’ – along with using online tools to foster communication and ‘face to face – or ‘screen to screen’ meetings. (And face to face meeting in real life, too!)

This mapping is essential to see ourselves, understand the patterns, identify the gaps, and find the opportunities to shift, move, collaborate, lead and follow. We think this simple activity will help us organise and align ourselves – the work and collaborations of our organisations – and develop a movement like an ecosystem, rapidly evolving to build local and regional power, economically and politically, to adequately address the crises we collectively face – ecologic and climate, inequality and racism, diminishing democracy and rising corporatocracy.

We’re using SumApp as the entry form to Kumu, our mapping visualisation tool  Please click here to get started:   url

And click here to see our live map:  url

There are other mapping projects out there that help to create a picture of our emerging movement. Check out them out:

CTRLshift ‘Exchanges for Change’ (Stoke)

CTRLshift has embarked on a new programme of activity with partners Stoke CTRLShift City (SCSC).

Stoke CTRLShift City was born out of the last Emergency Summit for Change, held in Stoke on Trent in 2019. The group is a collective of organisations and individuals, mainly from the VCSE sector, who came together following the last Summit to actively test some of the solutions work shopped at the Summit in the Stoke area (covering Stoke on Trent and Newcastle Under Lyne districts). Their goal is to accelerate the shift in power to communities and individuals in relation to social, economic, democratic and environmental crises.

The National CTRLshift organisation, is working in partnership with SCSC to broker new relationships between some of its partner members and the groups and organisations in SCSC. CTRLshift’s partner members have been working cooperatively together for three years and we recognise the breadth and depth of experience, vast range of successful tools, resources, and expertise available amongst individual CTRLshift partner organisations and individual practitioner members. 

The exchanges are a set of time-limited projects with communities in Stoke planned for 2020, where a range of short consultancies, workshops, events and activities will be undertaken – aiming to provide maximum impact with the communities and community groups involved, these could include understanding participatory budgeting, introducing to permaculture practices, exploring community-led high street regeneration or how to manage community land assets. 

Photo: Counter Community

The exchanges will be set up in response to community needs as identified by SCSC, to support communities to realise shared ambitions to sustainably shift power and control of their democracy, economy, environment and resources closer to the centre of the lives of local communities and individuals in Stoke. It will also act as a springboard for partner members involved in the exchange to develop ongoing relationships with communities in Stoke.

Exchanges for Change is part funded by Local Trust and in part self-funded by CTRLshift partner members. It is being managed as an action research project to learn from communities in Stoke about how best to share skills and find out how CTRLshift can resource communities across the country flexibly, effectively and at speed.

We believe that by connecting CTRLshift partner members with SCSC and their networks through these exchanges, the fundamental shifts we need to make as a society will be accelerated by building capacity, knowledge and relationships of reciprocity and mutual aid – with a view to developing a CTRLshift model that could be delivered in 100 towns and cities in the next three years.

Think & Do Tank

The Think & Do Tank is assembling a wiki catalog of tools and solutions. It’s in its very earliest stages of development. Contact us to get involved.