Session 2.5

Session 2.5


Grounding our work

There will be much we will have learned in the Open Space and other session today.

This session will be an opportunity to gather our learnings and share them with the group.

We are feeling that the learning today will happen on many levels and in many ways.

We cannot hope to capture this in just words. We are proposing that we embody our learning in a way that can be gathered and recieved by all. The way we are proposing doing this is at once a ritual, part personal expression and partly a dialogue that goes beyond the mere spoken words. We are calling this session ‘The Fishbowl’.

It’s a very simple way of seeing those communicating and those communicating being witnessed. There will be a circle of six chairs in the middle of the room and a wider circle of everyone else. The only place you can speak is in the middle circle. The rest of us are silent witnesses. Those who start in the middle can remain there for as long as it takes for them to communicate whatever they need to and enter into dialogue with others in the circle. Then when they feel finished they can move out of the middle circle and into the outer, making room for someone else  to occupy the middle.

This creates a fluid and wide ranging dialogue, that in our experience, creates an embodied way to digest the day and move into the next phase of the summit.

For more information about Fishbowls: