Session 2.4

Session 2.4

Open Space Session |

Open Space Session

Open space is a simple, creative, self organising way of both agreeing on and forming an agenda and holding conversations that matter. This technique has been used thousands of times in everything from community discussions to corporate product development.

It is highly engaging and productive because there is just enough structure to allow the group to self organise, but also allow for freedom and emergence, keeping everyone in the process engaged and doing exactly what they want to do at anyone time. Open Space will enable us to harvest lots of important information quickly and easily.

The question we are suggesting we self organise around is:

After what you have learned this morning what will help you or your organisation to pave the way to more effective collaboration across diverse networks?

For those that have never used this method it will be a revelation, and those who have will recognise this as an extraordinary way to approach questions which we don’t know the answers to but are open to whatever emerges from the group.   

The facilitation team have a high degree of confidence that this is the right tool for this group at this time as we attempt to create something together, without predetermining any outcomes.   

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