Session 2.2

Session 2.2

Session 2.2

Exploring our Cardinal Questions |

What are ‘Cardinal Questions’ and why have we chosen to work with them?

Our Cardinal questions are currently based around these key areas:

  • Governance
  • Land
  • Money
  • Labour
  • Wellbeing

These may be modified as the process emerges.

The cardinal questions are the key areas of our society which we see as leverage points in systems that need to change to enable us to move to a regenerative culture. Many, although not all, organisations we have invited to this summit  work in one or more of these broad categories. And of course most projects work systemically, but for the purposes of this exercise we are proposing categories at least to start. As we have designed this summit and began working together we found ourselves drawn to these questions. So we thought it would be a good place to start our enquiry together.

We will then go through a process to check  if these cardinal questions feel right. We will modify them if needed.

Mapping – where does your organisation fit in the cardinal questions?

The next stage in this morning is to engage with these cardinal questions. We take you through a facilitated process which will look something like this:

Physically get into the group which you feel your organisation most belongs

In the 5 (or how many groups we end up with) cardinal question groups

We will then go into break out circle bases on the cardinal questions, in an world cafe format.

We will also invite some people from each group to populate another group, so for instance people working on well being and personal resilience will sit with folks working on governance.

We will then use an appreciative enquiry structure where in pairs (in your ‘cardinal questions’ groups), the facilitator will ask the following questions for you to explore in your pair:

  • What is working well? What are your successes?
  • What are the barriers in your area?
  • How might ctrl shift help you in overcoming those barriers?

We will then harvest and bring together these findings in the cardinal question groups.

We will then bring everyone together to digest the results of each group. And start to draw out conclusions.