The overarching goal of this summit is to help a more effective movement for positive change to emerge from our collective actions.

We believe closer and more effective collaboration between grassroots organisations (which individually are doing great work) will enable us to thrive in these very uncertain times. The aspiration of this summit is to be a spark for new relationships, collaborations, and energy that will carry all of us forward.

The programme is part co-working and networking and part workshop-based. The process will be participatory and emergent.

Over the two days of the event, the programme will include:

1.  Solutions Sessions – workshops sharing latest work and practice across sectors from our partners and other collaborators in the event.

2. Thematic Sessions –  exploring key themes within groups (Economy, Environment, Democracy) leading to facilitated sessions that explore deeper collaboration – using Stoke as a context and example to test our ideas and ground them in the reality of a real place. What would it look like if we put it all together in Stoke? With groups from Stoke.

3. Networking & Co-Working Sessions – time to foster new connections and cross sector collaboration – day 1 more organised; day 2, self-organised

4. Strategy Sessions – Where next for CTRLshift – invitation to get involved, funding, plans for events, working groups, how to get involved as partner, linking to parallel initiatives.

Solutions Sessions

There will be between 12 and 16 Solutions Sessions at CTRLshift 2019. Solutions Sessions are workshops where we get to explore each other’s work, projects and best practices. The sessions offer a space to seek collaborations, explore mutual opportunities and challenges, and have a conversation with others that you may not otherwise have.

If you think you may wish to offer a Solutions Session, please first read the guide here. CTRLshift Partners will be prioritised when selecting the final choice of workshops. We will also have a mind to diversity and, of course, relevance, when making final selections.

To apply, please fill out the form here.

The overview schedule for the event is:

  • Wednesday 8th May: 5pm – 7pm Registration followed by optional food, drinks and networking
  • Thursday 9th May: 9am – 7pm CTRLshift Summit Day 1 followed by music and evening meal option
  • Friday 10th May: 9am – 5pm CTRLshift Summit Day 2

We have a Facebook group – for us to begin conversations, share information, and get ourselves prepared for the productive work ahead.

You can also follow us on Twitter @CTRLshiftsummit and use #CTRLshift2019 to share what’s happening.

A full timetable for the event will be available from 1st April 2019.