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Your invitation to become part of this
growing ecosystem of change…

CTRLshift is about catalysing an ‘ecosystem of change’  – a dynamic, light-touch association of organisations and networks working for positive change that is self organising and self aligning, a movement growing like an ecosystem with innate collective intelligence, heart and awareness. That’s the aim. Sound good?

Being part of CTRLshift is about participation with members of other organisations and networks to achieve your aims, as well as the broader aims we’re all working for, in ways that: 

  • Make use of our existing strategies, models, projects, policies, events, skills, toolkits, knowledge and resources
  • Involve all sectors of society, without bias
  • Connect local, regional and national initiatives
  • Is led by values of inclusion, diversity, equity, participation and co-creation
  • Respond to the many interconnected challenges such as social and economic justice, racism, poverty, biodiversity and the climate emergency
  • Remove barriers to action
  • Develop solidarity, mutual trust and understanding
  • Build a collective vision and capacity for action

So that we can:

  • Build agency and power in local communities
  • Shift power from Westminster and corporations
  • Tackle the growing social, democratic, environmental and economic challenges, in order to create a just, inclusive, equitable, ecologically wise, socially regenerative, economically re-localised, adaptive and resilient society, together.
  • Develop a shared agenda to shift power over our democracy, economy and environment to people and communities across Britain.

We work together through online meetings and events, working groups advancing specific collaborative projects, and Slack.

Are you with us, so far?  You’re in agreement? Fab! Keep reading.

Please put yourself on our map. This map will help all of us better visualise and understand how we fit together, how our knowledge, knowhow and resources might flow, insights and collaborations might emerge, and so on. So, go map yourself and contribute to this growing collective intelligence. Once you do you’ll be invited to our next ‘Catch up zoom call’.

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